By: meghancnyc

By meghancnyc

That target demographic doesn’t use the public library or see the value of the the library and we’re seeing the repercussions of that right now – to generalize, those Middle Class Males, ages 18 – 35, vote and follow-though on their promises to call politicians or write checks of support. All library users matter, of course, but everyone who uses the public library needs to start *advocating* on behalf of the public library or vilifying “Bros” is just going to be a waste of time. I propose the question is how do we get public library users to care enough to advocate and agitate for libraries, to spend the political capital they *do* have on our behalf?

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Guilt Cake Master Post

By Kristin


I am the Circulation Department Manager at my library and we get a lot of pages who get new jobs or go to grad school or move or what have you. When they tell me that they’re going to leave, I usually try to make them feel as guilty about it as possible. In a loving way. I recently decided that on their last day, I would get them a going away cake but the cake would have some kind of guilt trip on in it. Here they are so far:

Angelo. He was promoted to branch assistant! Last day: January 23, 2014


Drew. He left us to go to Grad School in Portland, OR! Last day: March 6, 2014


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Screen Printing!

By sarahjeanne

I’m going to apologize in advance for the quality of the photos on this post—I was working quickly and with hands covered in stuff so I used my phone, and now I’m working on a sloooooow computer and so i’m forgoing editing!

For this project I’m starting with

See? It works, but my attempts that did anything finer than a basic shape didn’t come out very well.

While I was searching our supply closet for tote bags to practice on, I found an entire tub of printing supplies. No one here has any idea where they came from or who bought them, but the tub included a bunch of pre stretched silk hoops! Very similar to these:

I decided to give those a try, and WOAH, way less hassle. A little pricey, but the embroidery hoops were too. I’ll probably let the teens make one of each.

Step 1: decide what you want to make. I made stencils with our diecuts and had some success with those, but of all my practice attempts (4 total), the freehand drawing turned out the best.

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And so it begins

By Lisa Rabey

Dear Internet,

I was thankful to have known ahead of time my position was going to be converted from contract to permanent, which was why I sat on the fence about my decision to reapply for so long. The fall out from the revised job description, plus a few other factors, was the tipping point for my final decision. And that was that — I was on the market once again.

It doesn’t feel like four years since I last job hunted, but here we are once again doing the shuck and jive to win the approval so I can feel like a productive (and wanted) member of society. Go team.

Four years ago I thought I was hot shit because I had all this experience stacked behind me from a variety of career fields that translated well into library speak, which was and still remains true. But I was wholly naive about the depth and breadth of the library world. Even though I had worked as a reference librarian throughout my MLIS program, I was woefully unprepared.

Thanks to the insight from working full time in my current position for the last three years, I can now pinpoint all the mistakes [Continue Reading]

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